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Below is a partial listing of fire-matic suppliers available through Har-Rob


Adapters and Fittings Action, Angus, Akron Brass, Elkhart Brass, Harrington, POK
Badges, Etc Smith & Warren
Battery Conditioners ASL, Kussmaul
Brushfire gear Lion, Chieftain, Perflex brooms, DB Smith Indian Tanks, Scotty Products
Fire Boots Haix, Black Diamond, LaCrosse
EMS Equipment R & B Fabricating (backboards to jump kits, vests to gear bags)
Extinguishers Amerex, Potter Roemer
Foam & Foam Systems Chemguard, Denko/Alfred, Stevens, Hale Pumps, FoamPro, Waterous, Hale
Folding Tanks Fol-Da-Tank
Gas Detectors AIM, Grace Industries
Generators Honda, Onan, Makita
Gloves Gloves Inc, Ringers
Hand Tools Ajax, Clemens, Fire Hooks, Nupla, Pike Poles & More, Ziamatic
HazMat Supplies Charkate, First Step, Remco, Team Equipment
Helmets Lion, Paul Conway, Cairns, Chieftain, Bullard
Hose Angus, Jaffrey, Key, Kochek, Niedner, Rawhide, Superior
Ladders Alco-Lite, Duo-Safety
Labels & Markers Custom Advertising, Hill Signs, Leo's Lion Gold
Lighting Circle D, Collins, Crane, Extenda Light, Fire Research, Kwik-Raze, StreamLite, Unity, Wilburt
Lights, warning Able 2, Federal Signal, Code 3, Tomar, Welden, Whelen
Miscellaneous OnSpot Chains, InstaChain
Nozzles Akron Brass, Elkhart Brass, TFT, POK, Augustus Tools (Piercing nozzles)
PAS Alarms Grace Industries
Portable Pumps Hale, Honda, Makita, Waterous, CET
Reels Edwards, Hannay, Hykon
Rescue Tools: Ajax, Black Hawk, H. K. Porter, Partner, Ziamatic, Sachs/Dolmar
Ropes CMI, Esprit
Safety Equipment Fire Research, Gemtor, M. C. Products, Wydra
Saws Echo, Team Partner
SCBA Survivair
Smoke Ejectors Leader Fantraxx, Ram Fan, SuperVac
Turnout Gear Lion Apparel, Janesville, BodyGuard, Charkate,  Quaker Safety, Stearns Cold Water & Ice Suits, Werner Works, Tops
Turnout Gear Racks Groves Incorporated  - Ready Rack
Thermal Imaging E2V (Argus)

There are many others, too numerous to list- if you don't see your manufacturer, just contact us!


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