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INFORMATION: Oil type primers are no longer available with the purchase of a new piece of apparatus.  They have been phased out and the availability of parts for the older oil primers will diminish and costs will go up.

Hale Products Inc. recommends that their oil less primers be serviced with your yearly maintenance.  Problems can develop which will cause the vanes to stick and poor or no drafting can be the result.  Our service department automatically does this with our normal pump service.

These primers can be converted to the oil type quite simply.  Call Kevin in the Service Department or contact your local sales rep for more information.

Recalls and Bulletins industry_news/CAT Bulletin Service Letter PI10752 C13 CRS Extention Tube.pdf

industry_news/CSB03-280-001 FT111 Lowering Cab - Interference.pdf

industry_news/CSB03-280-002 Cab Tilt Bracket Rework.pdf

industry_news/CSB04-130-002 04020 Rear Suspension - Shock Mount Rework.pdf

industry_news/CSB05-230-003A 05021 Radiator - Hardware.pdf

industry_news/CSB05-230-003A FT.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-230-001A FT652 FT7007 Cab Tilt Cylinders.pdf

industry_new0s/CSB07-230-002 FT736 Cab Tilt 07036.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-230-002A FT736 Cab Tilt.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-230-002B FT736 Cab Tilt.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-250-001 Front Suspension Air Spring Spacers.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-570-001 FT622 06037 Climate Control V- Mux.pdf

industry_news/CSB07-570-002 07039 FT704 Communication Systems Trans over heat .pdf

industry_news/CSB08-160-002A - Climate Control Belt Squeal .pdf

industry_news/CSB08-160-004 - AC Water Leak.pdf

industry_news/CSB08-170-001A - Engine Programming.pdf

industry_news/CSB08-170-002A - Programming - Swith.pdf

industry_news/CSB08-260-002 FT810 4X4 Steering Pull.pdf

industry_news/CSB08-530-002 - Lighting - Ground Lights.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-150-001 09013 Cab Exterior - Windshield Wiper System.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-160-004 09014 Climate Control - AC Reciever Drier.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-160-004 FT856 Furion Air Cond. Dryer.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-170-002 FT853 09009 Cummins Turbo Clamp.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-170-005 FT863 09022 Engine - FEAD Bracket-Fan Clutch.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-190-001 FT846 Transfer Case Replumbing.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-270-001 09006 Cooling - Engine (CAC) Charge Air Cooler.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-270-001 FT825 Hump Hose Failure.pdf

industry_news/CSB 00-0201A.pdf

industry_news/CSB 00-0902B.pdf

industry_news/csb 03-230-001.pdf

industry_news/CSB 99-1201.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-360-001 FT842 09011 Tire Pressure Indicators.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-380-001 FT841 Tire Chain (2).pdf

industry_news/CSB09-380-001 FT841 Tire Chain.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-380-001 FT841 Tire Chains - Allison Programming.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-960-001 FT838 Regen Instructions Detroit.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-960-002 FT838 Regen Instructions Cat.pdf

industry_news/CSB09-960-003 FT838 Regen Instructions Cummins.pdf


industry_news/CSB99-901B drawings.pdf

industry_news/RSB06-250-001 06001 FT534 Timoney Kingpin.pdf

industry_news/RSB07-260-001 07015 FT MH 696 Steering Gear Servocom S2.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-170-006 09V-433 FT887 09024 Cummins Regen.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-260-001 FT854 09008 Meritor Steering Sensor.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-290-001 FT857 09010 CAT Recall.pdf

industry_news/TSB03-100-001A EVO Seam Separation 12-03.pdf

industry_news/TSB03-100-001 FT Evolution Plate and Seam 5-2003 Release.pdf

industry_news/TSB03-100-002 FT Classic Seam 5-2003 Release.pdf

industry_news/TSB03-130-002 FT MFS-20 Spacer Removal.pdf

industry_news/TSB03-130-001A Review Notes for Vantive Special Consideration.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-130-001 FT674 A-Pillar cover.pdf

industry_news/TSB06-110-001A FT566 Gap Between Window and Door.pdf

industry_news/TSB06-560-001 FT511 Defog Operation V-MUX Reprogramming.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-320-001 FT848 09005 Wabco Haldex QRV Recall.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-540-001 09V-417 FT- AM 884 09023 Turn Signals.pdf

industry_news/RSB09-810-001 FT821 RollTek Unintentional Airbag Deployment.pdf

industry_news/TSB10-110-001 FT910 Cab Doors - Chrome Exterior Door Handles.pdf

industry_news/TSB10-150-001 FT892 Cab Exterior - Rubber Trim.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-170-001 FT582 Engine Dipstick C-13.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-160-002 FT686 Thermostat .pdf

industry_news/TSB07-160-003 FT686 Thermostat V MUX.pdf

industry_news/Kidde Smoke Detector.pdf

industry_news/TSB08-170-004 FT746 Engine Oil Dipstick .pdf

industry_news/TSB07-210-001A FT 638 Cab Mounting.pdf

industry_news/TSB08-160-005 FT776 Water leak into cab.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-210-001 FT 638 Cab Mounting.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-170-001B FT582 Engine Dipstick C-13.pdf

industry_news/TSB07-170-002A Engine Isolators FT619 .pdf

industry_news/TSB09-530-001 FT834 Dome Light Diode.pdf

industry_news/TSB09-170-001A FT837 J1939 Terminating Resistor Cap.pdf

industry_news/TSB09-230-001 FT-AM881 Cab Lock-Downs.pdf

industry_news/TSB09-160-002 FT663 NON V-MUX Climate Control.pdf

industry_news/TSB09-110-001 FT859 Furion Water Leak Rear Door.pdf

industry_news/TSB09-160-001 FT663 V-MUX Climate Control.pdf

industry_news/TSB08-560-002 FT802 Turn Signal indicators Ignition Powerd .pdf

industry_news/TSB08-350-002 FT779 Rear Suspension Gusset Interference .pdf

industry_news/TSB08-550-001 FT813 Federal Signal Siren.pdf

industry_news/10V-181 Customer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-181 French-Canadian Customer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-181 Dealer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-181 Final Stage Manufacturer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-052 RSB10-100-001 FT904 10005 Seat Belt D-Ring.pdf

industry_news/10V-052 Seat Belt D-Ring Population 04282010.xls

industry_news/10V-052 Final Stage Manufacturer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-052 Customer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-052 French-Canadian Customer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-052 Dealer Notification.pdf

industry_news/10V-181 Detroit Diesel.xls



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