Har-Rob Fire Apparatus provides a full rehab service from our shop in East Syracuse. From minor projects to full reconditioning of apparatus, we do the entire job, from planning to paint. Chassis tired? Body still good? We can provide the new chassis or work with yours. Contact us with questions, references, photo's and a consultation.

South Bay chose Har-Rob Fire to change their E-ONE pumper from white to RED.
Thanks South Bay!


Har-Rob Fire up dated the Wellsbridge Brush unit:


Sempronius new tanker body being mounted!


Har-Rob Fire thanks Unadilla Fire for their second re-hab!


Garrattsville Fire Department: Custom flat rack body with broom compartment. Large side storage compartments. 250 gallons of water with a 750 GPM pump. Hose lay and center stokes compartment. Federal LED lighting package. Here are some pics:


Three Town Fire District

 Big Alum flat rack. Between frame rail storage. Front cross lays. Under body compartments Very large to fit portable pumps on the Right and left sides. Tall full length left side upper compartment with swing doors Painted. Tall shorter right side compartment with hose reel at the end piped to pump. FRC company new style 12 volt LED lighting 1 front of compartment face 1 rear of compartment face also works as a light for pump operator. New LED warning light bar with new LED lower zone lighting. LED under body lighting. New siren, speaker and switch box. New LED compartment lighting. Winch and receiver front and rear Lettering and striping. Chevron front and rear. We reused their Skid and pump. Here are some pics:




Spencer Fire as picked Har-Rob Fire to make some repairs to there Rescue Truck. The rotted side moldings at the floor were it meets the side panels were cut out treated and a new aluminum over lay was installed with new LED marker lights and a white stripe. This was the third time Spencer Fire has picked Har-Rob Fire to do minor and major rehab work. Look below at the re-chassis tanker pumper the was completed in 2009.Thank you Spencer Fire

Thanks to Sempronius Fire Chief Matt Nalley and Three Town Fire Dist Chief Pat Merical for choosing Har-Rob Fire to build the Skid unit for their Gator. The following was installed on the unit: 80 gallon Aluminum water tank, Cox reel with 50 foot of hose pre piped, Scotty around the pump class A foam system, Hose tray (2)1.5” fill1.5” dischargeľ” garden hose discharge, Scotty foam nozzles, Class A foam mount, Stokes basket and mount., Junkyard Dog rescue struts storage under the Stokes


Northampton Mass:

Repair cab and upper body
Repaint the cab and upper body white over red
Upgrade compartment lighting with Luma bar LED
Upgrade under body lighting to arrow LED
Upgrade light bar to Whelen LED and front warning to LED
Install a chevron on the rear of the truck with Diamond Diamonds red yellow
Spring replacement on the rear with new tires.

Thank You Northampton!



Marcellus Engine 2 Rehab:

Total repaint and color change to match the new E-one fleet.
Rust work on the cab and compartment doors, We cut off the bottoms of the compartment doors and welded in Stainless steel panels. cab panels removed and sand blasted to remove the rust. Hose bed repainted with tuff coat red tinted. They also added new stainless steel Air bottle compartments to both sides in the wheel wells, along with a new fuel fill door. Many thanks to the Marcellus Fire Dept for thinking of Har-Rob Fire Apparatus.


Lee Center Fire Dept. awarded Har-Rob the rechassis job for their tanker. The following tasks were performed by our mechanics:

  • Rechassis to Mack
  • New piping for the pump with new valves
  • Candy Cane read tank fill
  • Pond rack and dry hose lay compartments
  • New LED warning lighting and DOT lighting
  • New Striping and Lettering
  • On spot chains
  • Pump Panel and throttle
  • Updated the manual pump to electrical
  • Chevron on the rear dump cross





Worcester Engine 103. Har-Rob was awarded the bid to update Engine 103. The following was completed in the Spring of 2009:

  • Compartment modification for the Pond Rack.
  • Compartment lighting lum-a-bar LED's
  • Whelen upper zone strobes
  • Whelen lower zone LED's
  • Total body repaint
  • NFPA Striping for the body
  • Chevron on rear compartment door
  • New Wilburt night scan light tower
  • Arrow stix on rear body
  • Pull out tool boards and mounting tools



Howlett Hill Fire Department recently had chevron put on the back of Engine 6, Engine 3, Rescue 2 and Rescue 5.





 Greene Fire Department brought in their engine to have chevron put on the front and back.




Unadilla Tanker Rehab

Har-rob was given the job of repairing the Unadilla Fire Dept. Tanker after the rear end was damaged in a minor accident.

  • Har-Rob replaced the damaged panels.

  • Installed new LED DOT lighting

  • Paint

  • Rear Chevron on Back

  • New rear step

  • New fenderette

  • Mount and install the Fire Dept. Federal Signal Master                                                                                    

Ask any Har-Rob Sales staff for more Info.





Code 4 Van     

Har-Rob was awarded  the job of setting up the new Code 4 Hurst van. It was our pleasure to furnish this Code 4 van, along with Three others. Here is a list of what work was done.

 Following was fabricated by Har-Rob Fire.

  • 2 - 1000 pound slide master pull out tray

  • 1 - Hurst Tool mounting board which allows the mounting of low and high pressure tools

  • 1 - Air bag module and case

  • 2 - Pumps

  • Low and high pressure hoses

  • Air tool kit

  • 1 - Set of junkyard dogs

  • Cargo rack

  • Grab Rails

  • Glass Master

  • Amdor LED lighting switched at both doors

  • Center switch module with map light

  • Rear Warning lights

  • Side door kick panel overlay with aluminum diamondette

  • Rear door Chevron; yellow and red

  • Tuff Coat on the side steps and rear bumper

  • All tools were mounted in PAC brackets

Contact any of the Har-Rob sales staff for more info on this project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

For the equipment list on this Code 4 van click here




Skaneateles Fire Department's Mini-Pumper entailed a removal of the body and pump and installation on new Chevy chassis.   A new Poly tank, new paint and new upper and lower zone, LED lighting, and a new lettering and striping package finished the job.



Hancock Fire & Rescue rehab consisted of new lower zone LED lighting and total rehab and mounting of all compartments, removal of water pump and water tank to make room for HURST TOOL system



The Honey Pot Fire Department of Pennsylvania had us do a complete rehab which consisted of new wheels, tires, LED lights, new rear upper zone, new paint silver / over red striping and lettering, plus extras. 




The Parish Fire Department recently took back their pumper after a rehab which included new paint, striping and lettering.  They also added a Hale MIV electric valve to the right suction barrel.  We added a 2 1/2" trash line with hose well to match their Smeal ladder and raised the hose bed to hold 2500 feet of 5 inch hose. We relocated the hard suction under the hose bed.  Also, they requested NFPA colored tags for all discharges, a new Federal Signal PA-300 siren and recessed speaker in the bumper.  For more info call Jim Harris at Harrob, Chief john Dunham, Asst Chief Menzo Dunham or Asst Chief L. J. at the Parish fire station.





Har-Rob recently finished the rehab on Hancock Fire and Rescue's tower, the paint was red and was repainted to the departments color.  Also, new DOT lighting, light bars and Fire Research 110 volt lighting.  New stripping, lettering and much more.






Har-Rob has just delivered the finished rehab on Ontario's Walk-In rescue.  This included a complete re-chassis to a Spartan Advantage, new Harrison generator, new lower zone Federal Signal lighting package, and Code 3 upper zone lighting package, complete repaint and stripping.  New rub rails, rear step and front overlay and all new DOT lighting.  Mounts for ice rescue were added.  For information contact Commissioner Gary Flatt of the Ontario Fire District or any of the Har-Rob Sales Staff.




 Har-Rob has just completed a rehab on the Fairville Fire Departments (Wayne County) Pumper.  The work included rebuilding the compartments, raising the hose bed, installing a new divider, revamping the battery trays and adding compartment vents.  For information regarding this project contact Jim Harris.




Har-Rob originally put together this unit on a Ford chassis for the Walton Fire Department in Delaware County.  Recently, we've re-chassised the unit for a new GMC 4 X 4 and added some updates and NFPA required features. 



 The original Har-Rob built poly-body pumper built for the Spencer Fire Dept, is being updated with a new Peterbilt cab-over chassis.  The cab-over Ford has outlived it's useful life.  We updated the chassis to a new Peterbilt with a new Hale 1250 pump, LED lighting, complete paint, and lettering/striping. Thank you to the Spencer Fire Dept.


The Honey Pot Fire Department of Pennsylvania  has come back to Har-Rob for the rehab project on their mini-pumper. All of the following was fabricated and added by our mechanics here at Har-Rob: hose bed extension, ladder rack, equipment mount, 911 seats, chevron, lettering and striping. Thanks to the Honey Pot Fire Dept for choosing Har-Rob.

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